Mies van der Rohe

Location: Athens, Greece

Description: Full Study Tender Doc. - Project Supervision

Building Area: 220m2

Budget: 300.000€

Current Stage: Completed 2016

In one of the very old apartment buildings in the city centre of Athens, constructed in the late 30s, an apartment drastically changes character. In place of the many small rooms, that used to be there once, with successive doors, service areas, lofts and their obscure corridors, now there are only large, open and bright spaces. The chaotic interior circulation is replaced by a single linear corridor that connects the public areas of the house with the most private ones. Glass metal doors allow the light to enter in every room and create interesting long interior vistas. The choice of materials used (flooring, cladding, doors), fixed furniture and lighting moves between classic, retro and totally modern, with emphasis on the contrast of black and white, light and shadow: white walls and mouldings with dark chevron style wooden flooring and black iron details.