Location: Abu Dhabi

Description: Competition - 1st Prize

Building area: 30.000m2

Budget: 40.000.000 €

Current stage: Under construction

The C-19 Tower is a residential building and its residential character is the dominant element of its design. In contrast to its rectangular podium, the upper part of the building swirls as an elegant structure with light colours and a soft curvilinear geometry that smoothens the apparent building mass. The Tower creates a unique vertical residential landscape that completes the image of the district, enriches the skyline and participates in the development of a clear identity to the site. The basis of the building, the podium, houses the entrance, the naturally ventilated parking spaces, and retail spaces on both sides. The residential tower that stands on top of the podium has a total of 22 floors and houses 200 apartment and duplexes. The total of the housing is wrapped with a series of cantilever balconies that act as the self-shading element for the tower, supporting the extroverted residential haracter of the Tower, which swivels above the public realm seeking connections and offering fine views of the waterfront and the cityscape.