Museography Study for the new Acropolis Museum 


Location: Athens, Greece

Description: Full Study Tender Doc. - Project Supervision

Building Area: 21.000m2

Budget: 6.000.000€

Current stage: Completed 2009

The Museology and Museography for The new Acropolis Museum (2009) exhibition area of 11,000m2 was successfully completed within the given time schedule. The project involved the design of all the exhibition spaces and was conducted in association with D. Patermalis the President of the Acropolis Museum board, Prf. of Archaeology as well as with his team of archaeologists from the Department of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. In detail, the study incorporated the design of the main Ramp, the Archaic Space, the Erechtheion temple space, the Temple of Athena Nike space and the space that hosts the Parthenon representation.