The new Archaeological Museum of Pella Client:                 MINISTRY OF CULTURE Budget:              13.165.000 euros   Description:       Full Study + Tender Documents and Supervision Current stage:   Completed
 The relation of nature and building, or topography and architecture, in the case of the New Archeological Museum of Pella has stood into two components, the one of the integration inside the archaeological site and the other the emergence of the Hellenistic Pella. The current landscape viewed from air or on foot, can capture the historical references of ancient and modern Greece, leaving each of them their own footprint, as a complexity of historical levels. The museum has as public spaces (entrance, cloakroom, bar, media room), exhibition area of 1500.00 m2 with atrium, multipurpose hall for 120 persons, Administrative offices, the Workshops, Archives and Warehouses and electromechanical areas.
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