Museografy Study for The new Akropolis Museum Client :           MINISTRY OF CULTURE Budget:         6.000.000 euros Description: Full Study_Tender Documents_Supervision Current stage: Completed
 The new Acropolis Museum (2009), building of 21.000 m2. We as co architects with MEAS SA. (50%) did the construction design for the contractor AKTOR SA based on the Final Design of Bernard Tschumi Architects. The civil engineering was done by Liondos & Associates Ltd, the electro-mechanical design by ΤΕΑΜ E-M consulting engineers Ltd and J. Papagrigorakis & associates Ltd, the glass design by Bruce William Nicol ECKELT GLAS GMBH, and Wilfried Minniberger, and the acoustic design by Theodore Timagenis. The Museology and Museography for The new Acropolis Museum (2009), exhibition area of 14.000 m2. We as architects designed the exhibition in association with D. Patermalis the President of the Acropolis Museum board, Prf. of Archeology, with all the Team of archeologists of The A Department of prehistoric and classical antiquities.
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